Hi, this is my personal page providing links to: my various presences around the web, occasional posts and ways to contact me.

I’m Founder and CEO of citizenme, which is being built to help you to take back control of your digital soul. Pop along to the website and leave your e-mail if you’d like to be kept in the loop – or follow us on twitter. You can also download our Apple app here:

I’m producer of the acclaimed crowd-sourced, feature documentary Twittamentary which charts the impact of social media on our everyday lives.

I post thoughts on the impact of technology on human development and interaction at:

I’m active daily on:

  • FaceBook – Mainly people who I have shared a positive experience with in the past
  • Twitter – Mainly people with shared interests who I hope to share a positive experience with in future
  • LinkedIn – Mainly people who I’ve shared a business card with
  • Skype (stjohndeakins)

Active weekly(ish) on:

and occasionally on:

I subscribe to – and sometimes post comments on – The NewYorker, Economist and New Scientist and a variety of other  sites, forums and blogs mainly covering:  Tech, Digital Identity, Digital Psychology, Digital Citizen Advocacy, Indie Movies, Digital Content Distribution, Open Source SW, Multiple (Omni) Digital Channels, Mobile Devices & Infrastructure, mHealth, mEducation, Emerging Market Mobile, Social Media (and Chelsea FC).

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